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Xbox One Deals: discs

The Xbox 1 Console games will come on Blu-ray discs but they’re only for one-time use. Once you’ve installed the games onto your hard drive, you no longer need them as the game is tied to your Xbox Live account. This is a similar idea to that employed by Steam and Uplay on the PC.

Xbox Live upgraded

Live is the most popular online gaming platform on the planet and it’s getting a huge behind-the-scenes overhaul for the new generation.

While current games servers number roughly 15,000, Microsoft is expanding that to a barely conceivable 300,000 in order to ensure you have instant access to your games and content no matter where you are.

xbox one buy (5)Xbox One personalisation

You can turn on the Xbox One Deals by simply walking over and talking to it. It turns on instantly, and Kinect will recognise you and take you straight to your own personalised home screen. Here you have access to your own personal movies and music, as well as leaping straight into your own save games.

Xbox One games

Microsoft announced back in February that its own games studios will release 15 games in the first year of the Xbox One’s life cycle. Other than that, we also know that FIFA 14 will launch on the console with exclusive content, and the new COD game, Call of Duty: Ghosts, will also have exclusive content on the Xbox.

The confirmed exclusive titles are Forza Motorsport 5, Quantum Break, Halo 5 and Ryse. Many other cross platform titles have also been confirmed and you can get the full lowdown on them all over on OXM’s Xbox One games page.

E3 games

Microsoft revealed more games at E3 2013. The big name is a new Halo game exclusive for the Xbox One, and also incoming are Metal Gear Solid V, Sunset Overdrive, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, Forza 5 and more have all been confirmed.

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Xbox One: backwards compatibility

Because the Xbox One uses a completely different system architecture to that of previous Xbox consoles, it will not be compatible with any Xbox 360 games.

However, it is yet to be seen whether the cloud might come to the rescue and allow games to be streamed over the web. Perhaps E3 has the answer…

Xbox v Apple TV




Why the new Xbox will beat the Apple iTV to the Smart TV punch

Xbox One review

We’re at E3 in force to hopefully get our first play with the console itself, so check in with TechRadar throughout the week for all the latest.

Xbox Mini

Strong rumours were building that Microsoft was planning a double assault on the console market. The new Xbox would allegedly be joined in the cabinet by an Xbox MIni – a small, Apple TV-like device based on Windows 8, with the ability to stream Xbox 360 games from the cloud. However, this appears now to be completely false – a rumour likely spawned from the Xbox One’s focus on TV integration.

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